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Boost your busssines with AI-based mushroom identification API and identify mushrooms from images in bulk.

Unveil the marvels of the fungal world

Integrate Mushroom id API and experience the cutting-edge technology behind. The service provides extensive mushroom information, multilingual capabilities for developers and R&D teams and other wonders.

3,100 classess of fungi and similar life forms

Representative images

Edibility & toxicity


Look-alike fungi

Close up photo of Amanita muscaria in a forrest
Amanita muscaria
fly agaric
confidence: 83%
mushroom id

Technical Wizardry

With a wide-ranging species database and impressive accuracy, your users will enjoy exploring and understanding the realm of mushrooms like never before.

Access a vast amount of different species of fungi, slime molds and lichens.
Get the correct species at almost three-quarters of queries accurately ranked within the top three results.

The future looks bright

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously refine and enhance the mushroom id API. In 2023, we have an exciting lineup of improvements designed to enrich your experience:

Production release (May 2024): You will meet the new insect.id with the following improvements:

  • Accuracy upgrades: Boosting performance through new training data and optimized model architecture
  • Richer insights: Including valuable information like seasonality and distribution
  • Expanding the fungal family: adding new species based on popularity

Kindwise meets LLMs (June 2024): We will launch a beta version of Insect.id that integrates large language models (LLMs), for example, to provide the option to ask questions to refine identification results.

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Hunt for success with mushroom id

With mushroom id you will satisfy all the mushroom hunters, curious families, tree doctors and other people hungry for mushroom identification.

A picture of various mushroom types in a woven basket
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