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Integrate API into your business to bulk identify pests and diseases from images.

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The mystery of crop health solved API brings extensive data on crops and diseases, advanced identification tools, and comprehensive information for developers and R&D teams to create innovative, user-centric solutions.

23 major crops

288 diseases and pests

Representative images

Treatment instructions


Severity of the disease

Crop with Aphid infestation
confidence: 93% API

Powered by years of tech expertize

Our crop disease identification API contains vast database of crops and diseases, combined with the years of experience of our machine-learning specialists and agronomists, will ensure your users that their crops are taken care of.

Explore a vast array of diseases and pests, enriching your solution with remarkable diversity and depth.
Top-3 accuracy on dataset from Twitter is 66%. On the validation dataset, top-3 accuracy is 93% and top-1 is 85%.

Harvest is here!

Our new crop disease and pest identification API just met the world, but it doesn't end here. We are ready to improve soon and we have an exciting line-up of improvements awaiting in the future.

Beta release (March 2024): We released the beta version of the API supporting 23 crops and 288 diseases and pests.

Feedback and small improvements (spring 2024): Our plan is to collect first feedback right away to improve the biggest issues (if there are any!).

Kindwise meets LLMs (June 2024): We will launch a beta version of that integrates large language models (LLMs), for example, to provide the option to ask questions to refine identification results.

Production release (spring 2025): Approximately year after the beta release, there will be a big update, including improvements based on feedback, adding more content, enhanced accuracy and new supported crops.

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Unlock the potential of crop disease identification with our cutting-edge crop disease identification API. Empower your users to identify and treat crop diseases with ease. Let's start the journey towards healthier crops now.

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