Find answers to common questions about our services here. If you need further information, feel free to reach out.

What is the pricing?

The base pricing is €0.05 per identification. There are significant discounts for bulk orders. The final price also depends on the requested identification speed and accuracy. Please contact us at business@kindwise.com to discuss these issues.

How to increase identification speed?

In the Admin panel, you can see an identification time (guaranteed by the SLA) per each request. However, this time value does not take into account the pre-processing of the image (downscaling the resolution). This is why the measured response time is higher than the identification time.

You can reduce this delay by resizing the image before the submission. For the fastest response, resize the images so that the longer side is 800 px. You can also use an /identify endpoint to include the identification directly in the response to your request to save a second or two.

In special cases, you may ask us for a dedicated ML model on business@kindwise.com  (we may be able to get under 1 second).

I can’t see any similar_images in the get_identification_result response

You must explicitly request this feature in the call by adding the "similar_images" string value to the modifiers list (see the documentation).

How to handle network connection error when sending requests?

If you submit a request and your network connection fails before you receive a response from our API, you will not be able to access the response later when it is available because you will not have an identifier for it.

This can be solved by using a custom_id parameter of the response and a get_identification_result URI:

  1. Generate a unique custom id for your request (e.g. AppUserID-AppUserRequestID).
  2. Send a request with the custom_id parameter in the request.
  3. If the connection fails and you don’t get 200 response status code, call the the get_identification_result URI to get the response to your original request.
What is the license of the content you provide?

In general, we provide our clients with content that is mostly in the public domain. The only exception is similar images that are owned by us. 70% of these images are subject to a license described in our T&C. The remaining 30% are images under the CC-BY license, which requires that the author’s name and license name be included with the image. Sometimes the license doesn’t allow any kind of remixing (indicated by the SA element).

We have made sure that all content can be used for commercial purposes. Details of the license can be found in our terms and conditions.

We are currently working with no more than these licenses:

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