Integrate AI-based insect identification API and identify insects and other terrestrial invertebrates from images in bulk.

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Your comprehensive guide to the insect kingdom

Insect.ID API provides extensive insect data, advanced identification tools, and multilingual capabilities for developers and R&D teams to create innovative, user-centric experiences.

6,387 insect species

Representative images

Toxicity and pest risk (coming soon)

Wikipedia link

Multilingual species description and common names

Detail of an european stag beetle on a forest ground
Lucanus cervus
European stag beetle
confidence: 74% API

Unparalleled insect data & precision at your fingertips

With a wide-ranging species database and impressive accuracy, your users will enjoy exploring and understanding the realm of insects like never before.

Explore a vast array of insect species, enriching your applications with remarkable diversity and depth.
Tap into the power of precision, with over two-thirds of queries accurately ranked within the top three results.

Join innovators transforming end-user experiences with kindwise solutions

Pioneering a brighter tomorrow

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously refine and enhance the API. In 2023, we have an exciting lineup of improvements designed to enrich your experience:

Accuracy upgrades: Boosting performance through new training data and optimized model architecture

Hands-on demo: Experience the power of API without writing a single line of code

Richer insights: Expanding our database to include valuable information like toxicity and pest risk

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Elevate your products with

It's time to supercharge your applications with our groundbreaking insect classification technology. Captivate your end-users and redefine their experience in the enthralling world of insects. Your journey starts here.

Photo of an insect hotel made from palettes, logs, wires and other materials
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