Benefits of paid account

Faster identification

Technical performance is guaranteed in the SLA

Technical support by email

Automatic upgrades to cutting-edge ML models

Monthly statistics available in the Admin panel

License to use our representative photos via Similar Image feature

Two hands holding a flower pot with flower in it
Kindwise products Pricing table
from 1.000 credits
€0.05    (order from €50)
from 10.000 credits
€0.03   (order from €300)
from 50.000 credits
€0.02   (order from €1.000)
from 200.000 credits
€0.015   (order from €3.000)
from 800.000 credits
€0.012   (order from €9.600)
from 1.500.000 credits
€0.01    (order from €15.000)

Purchased credits are valid for 3 months (does not apply for smaller purchases under 30.000 credits).

The cost of each identification call is one credit.

Highlights of Kindwise platform

Simple Admin panel: Manage your API keys, billing, and analytics easily with our intuitive web-based interface.

Solid Uptime and Quick Traffic Management: We promise consistent service availability under our Service Level Agreement, ready for handling high-traffic periods and scaling.

Easy-to-Use Code Examples: Get started up and running quickly with OpenAPI and our code examples for more than 30 programming languages, all available in Postman across all our products.

Data Protection and Compliance: Our platform is GDPR compliant and regularly checked by external auditors. We take your data security seriously.

Expert Product & Tech Support: Leveraging ten years of industry experience, our products reached unparalleled level of proficiency and reliability.

Adaptive Innovation: Regularly retraining our ML models with better data and cutting-edge architecture.

Photo of an insect hotel made from palettes, logs, wires and other materials

Payment process
& Legal

  1. Use your admin password to sign-in to the Admin panel.
  2. In the billing section, complete the form with your business info needed for your invoice.
  3. After we verify the billing info, we will activate the billing feature for your account. You will receive an email that you can create orders.
  4. In the billing section, estimate the number of  identifications. The system will automatically generate an order for you, along with payment instructions. Supported payments options include credit card or wire transfer.
  5. After we receive your payment, the ordered identification credits will be automatically added to your account.
  6. You can check your balance anytime via the Admin panel or /usage_info endpoint (see the documentation).

This Pricing and Payment process above is referred to in the Terms and conditions as Prepaid mode. For long-term clients, we also offer a Retroactive mode, which is invoiced on a monthly basis. Both performance and technical guarantees are defined in our SLA.

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