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Discover our new product for crop disease and pest identification. Intergrate and identify over 300 crpo diseases with breathtaking accuracy.
rock and mineral identification API
3 min read

Unearthing the Journey: API

Discover our journey with rock and mineral identification API. Read about the challenges faced and decisions made throughout the process. It has been a process of discovery and learning. The project is currently on hold but remains open for potential future development. Interested parties can contact the team at for access to the internal demo or to share ideas for improvement.
A hand holding a smartphone pointed at a mushroom
6 min read

Meet the new Mushroom ID!

The new API can identify 3,100 species of fungi (including lichens and related organisms such as slime molds) and includes enhanced information that has been carefully selected and prepared based on the needs of people interested in mushroom identification.
Diagram showing different light condition effects on identification of plants using
3 min read

Do The Different Light Conditions Have An Influence On Plant.Id Identification Accuracy? is an API that identifies plant species and diseases from photos with machine learning. Send us images of your plant and get the possible suggestions with plenty of other information including representative images of the species.
Man pointing a smartphone at a butterfly
4 min read API beta release is here!

The new API enables you to identify species of terrestrial invertebrates, including insects and spiders from images using a machine-learning model. It is easy to use and we already love how it works.
A mobile phone showing app interface, standing next to cactii
2 min read

Use Plant.Id Demo As An App

The primary purpose of is to provide a plant species and diseases identification API. To make it accessible to non-programmers, we created a web demo, which you can try at website.
Woman holding a smartphone aimed at a leaf
7 min read

Health Assessment Production Release

Let us introduce you to the first production version of Health Assessment. During the last year, we have been collecting feedback on the beta version of our plant disease identification API. Moreover, we have expanded our datasets and deepened our understanding of machine learning-powered plant disease identification.
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